Programme Components


Productivity Enhancement and Climate Resilience

The expected outcome is productivity, sustainability, and resilience of smallholder farming systems enhanced. The outcome indicators are:

  • 50% increase in yield/ha of selected commodities per State (disaggregated by commodity)
  • 40-50% increase in total production of selected commodities per State.
  • 225 000 hectares of land managed under climate-resilient practices (ASAP)
  • Reduction in pre and post-harvest losses by 20% by commodity, by state (ATA)
  • Number of smallholder farmers using improved, high quality seeds by 50%

Goal and Purpose:: The goal of Climate Change Adaptation and Agribusiness Support Programme (CASP) is reduced rural poverty, increased food security and accelerated economic growth on a sustainable basis.

Programme Development Objective (PDO)

The programme development objective is increased incomes, enhanced food security and reduced vulnerability for smallholder farmers, particularly women and youth in the participating States.